Total Game Changer

Freedom charger is the understatement here! Finally, one charging cord that will charge all of your family's devices, regardless of whether they are Apple or Android enthusiasts. Quality, Versatility, Strength and Value are all backed up with our warranty. Filling a void that everyone that can use across the board.

Stainless Steel Chargers

Our "Double-Blind" dual sided Zinc alloy heads and stainless steel flexible 6 foot long cables fit hundreds of devices- IPhone-Android-Gaming and bluetooth devices. One cord does it ALL. No more frayed ends at the charger heads or puppy-chewn cords. These cords come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Best New Fundraising Product

Tired of trying to "push" overpriced snacks, candies, kitchen gadgets and coupon books to people that really don't want them (like your family and co-workers), just to try and support your fundraising cause?

Break the mold give your group members a quality product that virtually everyone can use, come with a lifetime warranty and is the first of it's kind!

The world's first, patent pending, double-blind phone and device charging cable. No more worrying about inserting the charging heads the wrong direction and destroying your devices. This cable fits all IPhone, Android, and mini-USB devices. No need to change chargers between devices, or worrying about which way to insert the head fumbling in the dark.

Your group makes a 40% profit on each item and better yet, your group has immediate access to the funds raised to start your projects! No waiting around to get a company check months down the road!

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